1 Afternoon Kids Shawl  

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(< Full Shawl)

I'm really bad about writing down what i've done when it comes to crocheting :) But I made this shawl for a 3 yr old friend of mine, in just 1 Afternoon. She chose the colors, I just did the work.

(< Middle Of Shawl)
MATERIALS: Any size hook , and yarn.
Ch 8, join with sl st into ring. Row 1: Ch 7, dc in ring, ch 3, dc in ring, ch 3, tr cr in ring, turn. Row 2: Ch 7, dc in first space (not stitch), ch 3, dc in next space, ch 3, dc in next (final) space, ch 3, tr cr in same final space, turn. Repeat the pattern of row 2 always beginning each row with a ch 7 and dc in the first loop, *ch 3, dc in next loop* across, ending ch 3, tr cr in same final space, so that you have a dc, a ch 3, and a tr cr in the final loop. Continue in his manner until shawl is the desired size

(< The Edging)
This is the Pattern that I got the idea from...but about half way up, I added my own 'splash' of fun. (Different Color Yarn(2 color)) I did 1 row of just dc, ch 1,dc, ch1 and continue till the end...ch 7, dc in first space(not stitch) ch 3, skip 1 space, dc in next space, ch 3, skip 1 space, dc in next space, continue till end, ch3 turn, do another row of dc, ch 1, dc, ch1 and (change yarn, back to original color(1 color))continue till end, then do the original pattern till desired size, if you are doing an adult size, I suggest, doing this multipule times.... and the end, Do the dc, ch 1, dc, ch1 all the way around the Shawl...or add Tassles all around w/the 2 color yarn
~Rae Byuel (by.u.el)~
Let me know if pattern is not clear as to what to do! thank you, RB

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