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Let Me Know what you think!

Happy 4th of July ('09)  

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Happy 4th of July!!!!!

What am I working on?  

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Right now I"m working on a Poncho, On account, that i've made quite a few shawls over the last year, and each time I made one it ended up being given away,so i've decided to change it up a bit, and make a nice poncho, and the bright side is....I won't have to make sure it stays on...But eventually I'll be making myself another shawl, i've always loved it when on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Little House On the Prairie, Christy, and other older time period movies/shows would have the shawls....I'll eventually have one! hehe....but i'll have to wait and get my yarn....I wonder what colors I should use.....hummm....something to think about....

So what are y'all working on?


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So, Tell me what y'all have been working on? I'm sorry to admit, that I'm
not working on anything right now...well I'm Supposed to be working on
something....but I just haven't gotten around to doing it will be a late
Birthday present..hehe... But I would like to know what y'all are working on, so
I know what your interested in, and if your not working on a project, how about
what you would LIKE to be working on? That way I get ideas as to what you want
on here. :)



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Hope all you Crocheters Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!

Baby Blanket  

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This is a Blanket that I made for a Baby that was born in December of 2008!

Pattern: Chain-as long as you want...I think i did like 150-200(i know a big span but yall know how bad I am about remembering to write these sort of things down)

Row 1: Chain 3 and in the 4th chain from hook, Do a double crochet(DC) and do DC for the rest of the chain length. Ch. 3 and turn Repeat for ROW 2 at end of row 2 ch.4 turn

Row 3: TC (tripple Crochet) the whole length. at end Ch. 3 and turn.

Repeat Row 1-3 till you get desired size. Fasten off!

With other color...Start in a Corner, with a Slip Stitch. Ch.3 then 6 TC in Corner Opening. then 2 DC, then 6 Tripple all the way around the Blanket....this will make your border! with the ripple effect.
Sorry that the Photo's Aren't the best....But Oh well, you can see...:)
~Rae Byuel~

Lap Blanket  

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Hey Yall,
I made this blanket for my G. Grandma, and she loved it! Now I made it a tad smaller b/c she wanted a lap blanket, but what I really did was take a pattern for a baby blanket, To see the pattern for this blanket click here That will take you to the spot on my blog where the pattern is located, I just wanted to let you see what it looks like!
So this is what the blanket looks like...this is one square, it's very simple to figure out and do, and the sewing together is easy as well. You can't see it in these photos, but I took the purple, and 'sewed' the outside edge to give it that 'stitched' look. It added a nice touch.
~Rae Byuel~