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Hope all you Crocheters Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!

Baby Blanket  

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This is a Blanket that I made for a Baby that was born in December of 2008!

Pattern: Chain-as long as you want...I think i did like 150-200(i know a big span but yall know how bad I am about remembering to write these sort of things down)

Row 1: Chain 3 and in the 4th chain from hook, Do a double crochet(DC) and do DC for the rest of the chain length. Ch. 3 and turn Repeat for ROW 2 at end of row 2 ch.4 turn

Row 3: TC (tripple Crochet) the whole length. at end Ch. 3 and turn.

Repeat Row 1-3 till you get desired size. Fasten off!

With other color...Start in a Corner, with a Slip Stitch. Ch.3 then 6 TC in Corner Opening. then 2 DC, then 6 Tripple all the way around the Blanket....this will make your border! with the ripple effect.
Sorry that the Photo's Aren't the best....But Oh well, you can see...:)
~Rae Byuel~