Gauge & Making a Swatch  

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Gauge is very important in crochet if you are making garments or fitted items such as hats, mittens, slippers or socks. Before beginning a project, make a swatch to check gauge using the yarn and the hook size called for in the directions. Yarns can be substituted for another, however be certain the substitute yarn produces the correct gauge and the look you want.Making a
Swatch: Start with a chain about four inches long and work the swatch in the pattern stitch of the item, until it measures about three inches deep. Fasten Off. Block the swatch by smoothing it out, pinning it down at the edges and steam-pressing it with a damp cloth.
Measure across two inches, counting the number of stitches to the inch. If you have MORE stitches to the inch than directions call for, your work is too tight. You may want to use a larger hook or work more loosely, however it is much easier (for consistency sake), to simply change hook size. If you have FEWER stitches to the inch, your work is too loose. Try using a smaller hook or crochet more tightly (again, you may prefer changing to a smaller hook).

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